How to Choose Best Laundry Services

Best Laundry Services

In today’s fast-paced life, outsourcing your laundry has become an imperative. As with other services, laundry services too are in the face of stiff competition. There are so many laundry services out there that one is apt to get confused when deciding on the choice of a laundry service. However, the following recommendations might be of help in choosing the best laundry service.

Location. The best laundry service should be located near you. In fact, there should be multiple locations of the laundry company in the same zone that you reside in. A chain of stores belonging to the same company instills customer confidence in the company. It assures you that no matter at which laundry location you drop off your items, the service you will get will be of the same high quality.

Services under one roof. The best laundry service should offer multiple services under one roof. These should include general laundry, dry cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, shoe cleaning, and ironing. It should also offer cleaning of special Indian outfits such as lehengas, embroidered Nehru jackets, and saris.

Fully automated unit. The laundry service should be fully automated, making use of the latest machinery operated by skilled technicians. Manual processes should be at the bare minimum.

Environment-friendly chemicals.The service should use only non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals.Such eco-friendly chemicals are also gentle on your clothes.The laundry should dispose of its chemical waste according to government regulations.

Online services. The best laundry service should offer full online services through which you can book your order, arrange for pick-up and delivery of your garments and fabrics, and choose from several payment options.

Professional customer service. Check whether the laundry service’s front office is staffed by customer service executives who are knowledgeable about the different cleaning processes. They should be able to provide consultancy and recommendations regarding any aspect of the cleaning process.

Transparency. The best laundry service should welcome customers to observe their cleaning process. They should invite customers to tour the cleaning process from start to finish.

24/7 service. The best laundry service should be an Xpress laundromat, operating round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer is king, and the service should be at his beck and call.

Service while you wait. Look for a service that offers to execute your order while you wait. Many customers have special urgencies, so a premium laundry service should be able to address this concern. In addition to service while you wait, a premium laundry service should also offer the service of same day delivery.

Doorstep service. The laundry service should be able to arrange pick-up and delivery of your items from and to your doorstep. The service should assure the customer of total accuracy in its timing of the doorstep service, so that the customer is never kept waiting for the service to arrive.

Home service.Heavy fabrics such as curtains and carpets need dry cleaning at home. Immovable items such as sofas also need dry cleaning at home. Hence a premium laundry service should be able to offer home service for such heavy and immovable items.

Discounts. The best laundry service should offer discounts to its regular customers through a rewards or points scheme. As customer, you will feel a sense of loyalty to the company and even refer your friends and acquaintances to experience the services of the company.

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