Laundry Services Near Me


Looking for nearest laundry service provider ? Have your ever thought of going beyond and exploring best laundry services in South Delhi. Here are some tips on how to get your laundry done from laundromat / laundry service providers.

1. Free Pick-up & Drop : Now a days due to hectic schedule and time crunch it is difficult to take out time to visit laundromat for getting your clothes cleaned. Check for the service provider who are providing free collection and delivery of your clothes at your doorstep.

2.Processing Unit : Check from where they are getting your clothes processed. Whether they have their own machines and equipment or they outsource to other laundromats. With own processing center someone can give you better cleaning quality consistently as they follow the same set of process every time they process your clothes. It may not be the case if someone outsource to number of other laundromat.

3.Service Timings : Before placing order check how much time they will take to return your neat and clean clothes. It may vary from 24 hrs – 72 hrs. depend on the various factors. IF you are in urgency and need the clothes back on the same day or next day, inform them in advance and check for the extra charges they may be laving for express services.

4. Ironing Services :Most of the laundromats offer wash and fold services but not the ironing. You should check in advance so that you can plan in advance for self ironing or need to search our for a local ironer /dhobi which may be time consuming and hectic. Best option is to choose laundromat who offers ironing service.

5. Online Booking & Notification :
Now a days we are more habitual of automated process and notification as it saves time and keep us informed on the status of our order. Look for online booking and digital payment options like paying through credit card, net-banking or through e-wallets.


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